Asset Management Consultancy, specialising in PFI/PPP Asset Management and FM Delivery


reduce risk


improve data


optimise spend


ensure compliance


enhance service delivery


improve relationships

Our business

Nine Acres was established in 2022, specialising in Asset Management within the PFI/PPP environment. The primary objective at Nine Acres is to enhance service delivery. This can be achieved by working directly with FM providers, SPVs and customers. 

PFI/PPP has a poor reputation historically, resulting in low expectations and confidence. Working relationships are prone to breakdowns because of constant auditing and increasing budget constraints. At Nine Acres, we believe that we can successfully improve performance and reputation by drawing on years of experience to deliver on six key areas.

     Reduce Risk

     Improve Data Management

     Optimise Spend     

     Ensure Compliance

     Enhance Service Delivery

     Improve Relationships

Our Strategies

Outside of general consulting below are some of the strategies that Nine Acres are adopting to achieve the above:

✓ In Partnership with a specialist Software Development Company Nine Acres is producing a bespoke Asset Management Platform that manages Asset knowledge, Compliance, Risk and Expenditure all in one system. Automated processes protect the data within and provide the necessary audit trails.

✓ Development of a bespoke Building Inspection App for PFI/PPP. Enabling audits to be consistent between various stakeholders and for any works to be directly logged on the relevant helpdesk.

✓ Create a PFI/PPP specialist supply chain.  Subcontractors will be given training on the requirements on PFI/PPP and will be given scoping and quoting templates to ensure that the right level of asset data is collected, scopes are clear and that value for money is achieved.

✓ Create a platform for knowledge share and troubleshooting across the PFI/PPP industry where posts are anonymous so that people feel comfortable sharing or offering support.

The Nine Acres Difference

Everything and anything that Nine Acres does for your business it to make improvements in as many areas as possible.

A key goal for Nine Acres is to not just point out any areas for improvement, but provide businesses with the tools, training and systems to continue to improve and adapt to the changing environments and challenges.

Anyone who works for or with Nine Acres is expected to have the same level of passion, enthusiasm and experience to drive the required improvements.

Our team

Nine Acres is in the process of recruiting some more passionate Asset Managers to join the company. Watch this space to see who’s joining and what they bring to the team. Until then, Nine Acres has several Associates ready to help depending on the type of support you require.


Managing Director and Strategic Asset Manager

I started out my career in PFI as an FM helpdesk operative back in 2015. From there, I moved on to commercial roles and gained a certificate in Surveying Practices incl. Building Technology. This gave me experience in contract management, contractual disputes, service deliverables, supply chain management and financial reporting (also a bit of technical savvy).

From there I decided to move over to the operational side of things in the hope to drive improvements in service delivery. I learned about CAFM systems, data management, service delivery challenges and performance management. I completed my leadership training, NEBOSH and Prince2 qualifications to move up to a senior manager at an Acute General Hospital. In 2016 I made the move over to SPV side and gained a new perspective on PFI and PPP environments. It was here that I became heavily involved in Asset Management and gained Internal Auditor qualifications and a Diploma in Asset Management.

Asset Management is now my passion. The experience I have enables me to understand the complexities and challenges of all departments whether FM Delivery or SPV side and I enjoy using my experience to enhance ways of working that suit everyone. I have been fortunate to work in healthcare, education, stadiums and transport so feel I have a broad range of experience across industries which I hope to put to use.

Outside of work, I have an unhealthy obsession with Lego and enjoy watching Stand Up Comedy (as long as I am not in the front row)!

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